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    Which Jaguar is Right for Me?

    If you’ve come to Jaguar Gulf Coast to ask us which Jaguar is right for you, we’re sorry, but we just can’t make that decision for you. What we can do – what we help every driver from Mobile to the Florida panhandle do – is figure out which new Jaguar is right for you to test drive first. If you’re seeking a crossover, we have a pretty easy place to start, but a sport sedan or a sport coupe will mean more choices. Answer a few questions below, and we can help you decide which vehicle to take for a spin when you visit Jaguar Gulf Coast.

Do You Need a Crossover?

Though the Jaguar brand has long been associated with elegant, powerful sedans and coupes, the Jaguar F-PACE is shaking things up. Take the styling and power of a Jaguar sedan, then transplant it into a five-passenger crossover SUV capable of up to 380 hp and available with All Surface Progress Control for improved traction, and you have the F-PACE.

2018 Jaguar F-PACE
jaguar XJ interior

Do You Need Extra Interior Space?

Just because you said no to the crossover doesn’t mean you won’t need extra space in your new Jaguar. The Jaguar XJ can be had with a long wheelbase for a classic sedan feel that will let you get more comfortable behind the wheel than a typical car. And if you need to load up the kids’ soccer gear and band instruments, the Jaguar XF Sportbrake features 40/20/40 split-folding rear seats and a spacious cargo area.

Do You Want a Sedan, Coupe, or Convertible?

Now that we have the space concerns covered, if you still don’t know which Jaguar to start with, it’s time to ask that age-old question: sedan, coupe, or convertible. Living near the Gulf Coast means you’ll probably get more use out of a convertible than someone in New England, but you might prefer the classic look of a four-door Jaguar or the aerodynamics of a sleekly sculpted coupe. Drivers seeking a sedan have three options in the current lineup: Jaguar XE, XF, or XJ. If you are simply following your heart, we think it’s smart to start with the high-end Jaguar XJ, but the entry-level XE shows that even a driver on a budget can choose an elegant, powerful sedan. The Jaguar XF walks the line between the two.

If a coupe or a convertible is more your style, then you should sit in the driver’s seat of the Jaguar F-TYPE and decide whether you’d rather have the serenity of quiet cabin or the excitement of the wind in your hair.

Jaguar F-TYPE Convertible
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